Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Schedules, Lists, Plans and Disappointments

As anyone who has spoken to me in the last two months knows very well... I recently got into a holiday craft show. This is very exciting news. I’ve never done a show before and don’t have nearly enough inventory to do it well, which means that upon my acceptance I, in keeping with a behavior pattern which I blame entirely on my job, made lists and schedules and target goals regarding inventory at bi weekly intervals leading up to the date of the show. This level of organization and borderline obsessive crazyness is a recent development, but for once it was working for me. I mostly met my self imposed deadlines and was having a lot of fun trying out new styles and patterns to boot...

So, naturally, the show was cancelled. I don’t blame the venue or the organizer. It just didn’t work out.

Anyway.. now I once again find myself with lots of inventory which I don’t fell like posting on etsy. Le sigh.

One benefit of this is that I forced myself to branch out in terms of jewelry settings and I think the result as been pretty positive. Some of these settings are much smaller and more delicate that the huge pendant pieces which, while I like making them, I would never wear... that said, I don't really wear any jewelry so I'm a poor barometer.

Let me know what you think!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Harry Potter Quilt - FINALLY DONE!!!

My Harry Potter Quilt is FINALLY done and it’s perfect. I really could not be happier with it. It looks like something that might be hanging in the Gryffindor common room, which, dorky as that is, makes me super happy. 

Here are some of my favorite photos, if you want to see more check out my flickr site

Now the question is... what should the theme of my next quilt be? I’m taking suggestions!

PS - I think it bears mentioning that, as with basically all of my accomplishments in the last 26 years, this could not have been done without my saintly mother. In this case, I mailed my almost completed quilt across country to California and she attached the backing and binding... because she is wonderful and I am lazy. Thanks Mom. 

I love this. 
Things I'm never going to do again: free hand embroider deer.


this car is also on my "never again" list
although... that car might is probably the best thing I've ever done