Sunday, December 11, 2011

Destined to be left unfinished... Harry Potter Quilt!

I have a problem with large projects... I can’t stop starting them but I almost never finish them... this is why my etsy shop features so many small pieces of jewelry but nothing on a larger scale. In my life I think I’ve only finished two big projects on my own and both were quilts. I say “on my own” because so much of my crafting experience is working on shared projects with my mom/sisters/aunt/grandma. Those projects don’t have a much higher rate of completion, but since there are always at least four people involved it’s easy to blame it on someone else.

Anyway, neither of my two “success stories” really count. The first was a school project which I’d committed to donating to a charity auction so I really had no choice but to finish it... and I did so in the most half assed way imaginable. I never added hanging loops so to this day the man who bought it (who was, incidentally, my baby sisters kindergarten teacher) has it push pinned to a wall in his house. The other is a real masterpiece of a quilt which I truly love, but which I was a little over committed to while making. After six months of what can only be described as a manic embroidery binge, I was sick of the thing and decided to just slap it together and never work on it again. The result currently hangs in our entry way and gets lots of compliments... but I can’t help noticing the terrible construction every time I walk by it.

I mean, really, six months of piecing, embroidering and beading and I couldn't be bothered to make sure the corners all met in the same place? My grandmother saw the completed quilt and said "well, there have to be some mistakes or no one would believe you made it yourself..." I choose to take that as a compliment.

So, it is with this truly abysmal record that I leap enthusiastically into my next big project, a Harry Potter quilt! I got the idea when I started noticing that “harry potter quilt” was one of my etsy shops most popular search terms, despite the fact that I’ve never made anything remotely resembling a harry potter quilt.

I then started thinking of all the fun Harry Potteresque things I’d love to embroider and decided to give it a try. My crafting budget has grown to some pretty alarming levels, so I was determined to only use the fabric and supplies I already had... this has been surprisingly difficult.

The first challenge was deciding what colors to use. I wanted to use the only colors of the Hogwarts houses (red, gold, green, silver, yellow, black, blue and.... bronze/brown/grey) but I may have fudged a bit. First off, the Ravenclaw colors are hard to pin down. I think it’s pretty clear that they’re blue and bronze, but I didn’t have any bronze fabric and anyway, the movies show the colors as blue and grey. I decided to use both brown and grey since the grey could also be considered Slytherin Silver... which I was in short supply of. I also noticed that my Gryffindor gold and Hufflepuff yellow were almost the same color... and chose not to dwell on it.

I’ve got nine squares pieced together and have been embroidering them with whatever random harry potter objects and quotes come to mind... though I’m starting to run out of ideas... suggestions?


  1. Wow I love the quilt! The fabrics are gorgeous! I had so much fun reading the Harry Potter series with my kids when they were younger. Hope you are still taking suggestions for embellishments on the quilt ;) I have a few:

    1. The Phoenix
    2. The Goblet of Fire
    3. Harry's broom: The Nimbus 2000
    4. The 3 headed dog
    5. The sorting hat

    Oh I could go on and on! What a fun project! Don't you dare quit, hope you post the final soon ;)

  2. thank you for the suggestions! I really am running out of ideas so all thoughts are appreciated. I’ve added everything you mentioned except for fluffy, the three headed dog. I hope to add him soon, I’m just struggling with it a bit. No matter how I sketch him out the heads either look way too close together or the necks look way too long and he starts to look more snakelike than doglike. Anyway, I’ve added some more photos, take a look when you have a chance and please let me know if you have any more ideas!

  3. I absolutely love it! I plan to use your designs as inspiration for my own potter quilt. :)
    As to ideas for the quilt, that is if you still need them,how about:
    - A howler
    - basilisk/nagini
    - the golden egg (from GOF)
    - dark mark
    - dobby
    - quote: "I solemly swear I'm up to no good"
    - the Ministry of Magic M