Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's been awhile..

I’m back.

Work has been monstrous lately, also I’ve discovered Downton Abbey.. either of those things are enough to turn me into an antisocial asshole but the combination has made me a real recluse.

Anyway, I’m finally up to date on Downton and work has decided to subside at least momentarily, so I’m back. I added a few pieces of jewelry to my etsy site this afternoon, I don’t know if they’ll be popular, but I had so much fun making them I don’t really care if they sell.

I’m also still working on my Harry Potter quilt, photos to follow. I think it’ll be finished soon!

Burgundy and brown are probably my favorite colors to work with so of course I love this one... though lavender seems to be the most popular color in my shop, so the one above is also a favorite..