Sunday, March 11, 2012


A few months ago I made this:

I didn't hate it, but I certainly didn't love it. I listed it on etsy and almost immediately started to debate deactivating it. A dissatisfied customer is one of my biggest fears and while I haven't had one yet (or at least I haven't had a vocal one) I'm sure I will eventually. When that day comes I want to at least be sure that I loved what they bought, even if they didn't. I couldn't say that with this pin, so I took it off the site.

This moment of decisive, confident action was followed by 2 months of anxious over analyzing, which is a specialty of mine. There was nothing wrong with this brooch. I just didn't love it, but maybe someone else would. The photos were clear and not at all misleading, so if anyone bought it they'd know what they were getting. I'd spent money on the frame and fabric, not to mention time creating it. Did it really make sense not to at least try to sell it? So I reactivated the listing.

Then I had second (third?) thoughts and deactivated it again.

I repeated this process four times before finally deciding to just remake the whole thing. Here is the result:

What do you think? Upgrade? Downgrade? Totally not worth the time I spend agonizing over it? In case you're wondering... I vote for option 3. 

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