Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dogs, Dragons and my Harry Potter Quilt

I’ve gotten lots of great suggestions for my harry potter quilt, which I really appreciate. Two of the most common have been dragons (Norbert(a), Hungarian Horntail, etc.) and Fluffy the three headed dog. Unfortunately, if I cant draw it, I can’t embroider it... and after 5 months of trying, I’m finally ready to admit that I cannot draw a three headed dog. 
If I had a scanner and a little more confidence, I would show you some of my attempts. But I don’t have either so you’ll just have to take my word that I can’t draw a realistic, believable I mean, passable three headed dog. Unsurprisingly, the problem is the three heads. I can’t seem to fit them all in without making the dogs shoulders huge or the heads tiny... either way it's totally disproportionate. The only other option is to give the dog three long necks, which allow me to draw heads that match the size of the body... but then the necks are the problem. They make Fluffy look like greyhound from Chernobyl.
So my quilt won’t have a three headed dog... but it will have a dragon! 
Here are some updated photos. I’ve finally sewn the panels together, should be done soonish. 

There be dragon.

Those are supposed to be footprints... please tell me they look like footprints

All together now!


  1. Love the Harry Potter quilt and your "Hello, I'm Megan" just cracked me up, too funny. Thanks for the follow of my Artisanistas blog and if you care to stop by, here are my other two blogs...

    Have a nice week!

  2. Now I see the whole thing :) This quilt is so inspiring!!!!I'm 25 and my old lady hobby of choice is crochet ;)anyway Just stopped by to follow!

  3. Your work is totally enthusiastic and informative.
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  4. This is beautiful! Is there any chance you'd be interested in recreating this and selling? I'd love to buy one!