Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo... where procrastination meets Mothers Day sales

Happy Cinco de Mayo. One hundred and fiftyish years ago there was an improbable Mexican victory over the French... or something. Where I live this somewhat vague event is commemorated by half-off tequila shots and really bad margaritas.
Tequila and I have never been great friends, so I’m celebrating by doing laundry and cleaning the grout in my bathroom. Or, I should say, I’m celebrating by doing laundry, editing all of my Etsy listings to mention my Mothers Day sale and planning to clean the grout in my bathroom. Cause, really, the planning is the hard part right? Maybe I'll plan today and clean tomorrow... 
This is much more exciting than how I spent Cinco de Mayo last year. On May 5th 2011 I was working 20 hour days, looking back on two and a half months of suitcase living, prepping for a trial* and spontaneously busting into tears of frustration and overwork, so my lackluster plans for today are actually a huge improvement. 
That said... I’m still having trouble motivating myself to clean the grout. 
It really needs it... It’s practically sentient... Skynet would probably be really interested in my shower tiles... 

* I should mention, I wasn’t on trial myself; I’m a paralegal. 

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  1. Beautiful embroidery pendants! Eh! The grout will be there tomorrow too. Relax and enjoy your day!

    Thanks for stopping by QuiltinCats. I am following you back!